5 Ways to Upcycle Old Doors

I wish I had thought of this when we recently replaced our front and rear door. When it comes time to replacing our garage access door I will not forget. Our new bathroom will require a rustic mirror.

Upcycled doors can be repurposed in dozens of creative ways, adding a vintage-chic feel to any room.

1. Floor-length mirror

A brand-new floor-length mirror can be surprisingly costly. Repurposing an old door frame at a discounted price is a great way to create some uniqueness and save on costs.


  1. Measure the space inside the door and have a mirror cut to size.
  2. Cut out inside wood trim/panels within the frame with a mitre saw to form a frame for the mirror to sit in comfortably.
  3. Glue the mirror in place.


  • One salvaged wood door
  • Wood glue
  • Mitre saw (if required)

2. Chalkboard

This is a great idea for a kitchen or child’s room: Upcycle an old door using chalkboard paint. A panelled door offers helpful sections, while a door with one large section allows for a more dramatic sign.


  1. Sand the areas you want to serve as chalkboard signs.
  2. Tape the edges (where you don’t want paint to be).
  3. Paint with chalkboard paint and let it dry.


  • One salvaged wood door
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalkboard paint

3. Headboard

Rustic wood headboards don’t come cheap. This a great way to recreate the look.


  • One salvaged wood door
  • Crown moulding (optional)*
  • Wood glue
  • Finishing nails
  • Power saw (optional)*


  1. Choose a door that’s a few inches taller than your bed is wide. If your door is too long, you’ll need to trim it down with a power saw.
  2. Flip the door horizontally and choose a long side to be the top of the headboard. Saw a piece of crown moulding so it’s the same length; attach it with wood glue. Once the glue is dry, hammer several finishing nails across the top of the moulding to secure.
  3. Hang the headboard on your wall so that at least half is visible above your pillows. Treat the door like a heavy piece of art or mirror: Screw two D-rings into the back, just below the moulding, a few inches in from either side. Then, stretch heavy-duty picture wire between the rings and twist to secure. Make sure to hammer a hook that can bear up to 100 pounds into the wall and hang.

4. Leaning shelf

Boho-chic? An upcycled vintage door combines function and aesthetics, and is a great way to showcase your book collection in style. It’s also surprisingly easy to execute.


  • One salvaged five-panel wood door
  • Circular saw
  • Small screws
  • Mirror hooks
  • Decorative chains
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Chisel


  1. Determine how far you want your door to lean on the wall and how far you want your shelves to come out. Measure from door to wall.
  2. Lay the door flat and cut out each panel on the backside using a circular saw.
  3. Take a chisel and hammer and tap out the corner and sides of each panel. Once finished, pop each panel out.
  4. Drill two ⅜ bit holes in the top left and right corners and one 1/8 bit hole in the bottom centre.
  5. Lay the door flat, connect the panels upright in place. Thread the decorative chain through the holes.
  6. Screw mirror hooks about ½-inch outside each opening.
  7. Connect one side, leaving the opposite side unhooked. Then screw in one screw in the middle centre panel hole to keep it in place (keep loose). Repeat for the rest of the shelves.
  8. Stand door up. Make sure shelves are level. Adjust the chain and shelves and attach the remaining chain to the door.

5. Coffee or dining table

A coffee table that bears the mark of time can give your living room that cozy, lived-in feel. Depending on the size of your Upcycled door, you can also build a larger, farmhouse-style dining table.


  • One salvaged wood door
  • Wood glue
  • Woodworking clamps


  1. Lay the door flat. Trim the top and bottom of the door to make it symmetrical with a saw, if necessary.
  2. Glue legs to the bottom of the door. Use woodworking clamps to tighten and let dry overnight.

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