And then came CRET.

I was flat out terrified when I started. I was on maternity leave, at home with my second son enrolling with CREA in order to obtain my licence. He was just born.

As a family we were exhausted. Not unlike other families, the toll of a newborn and the changing family dynamic made us cranky, tired and strained. I knew a change was imminent.

I had just left what I thought was the gig of a lifetime. I had the autonomy I worked so hard for, the freedom to collaborate, had earned the ‘right’ to voice an opinion and the ability to ‘make a difference’, or so I thought. What I failed to realize, or perhaps acknowledge, was that I never felt satisfied.

I’ve known for a long time that I am innately empathetic and have a knack for problem solving. This made it difficult to achieve fulfillment in the traditional corporate setting.

Real Estate made sense. I’ve grown up in a family of REALTORS®, investors and entrepreneurs, all of them successful – making a difference for themselves and others. It was always a love of mine, and I remember studiously reviewing the market daily for fun. Intuitively I knew it would be the right move.

So I took the proverbial plunge into the deep end. I worked 9 months, baby in arms with my mother by my side and husband and son cheering me on. I studied, studied and studied. I wrote my exams and became a REALTOR®.

Once licenced I didn’t have any grand illusions for what lay ahead. I knew I needed mentorship, guidance and time to be able to provide the best service possible. I worked closely with leaders in their respective fields and markets, took notes, listened and observed.

I came through with a realization that consumer and industrial investors deserve quality service and value. They deserve respect, the truth and perhaps most importantly transparency when it comes to making large scale investments. They need a partner they can trust; who will represent their interests with the utmost integrity.

That was a while ago now and how CRET came to be. A marathon of learning, strategy, empathy and development finally lead to fulfilment.

The service you want and the quality you deserve.

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